About Us

Elephant in my Handbag is a family owned craft and fabric business based in Hawkhurst in Kent in the South East of the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to find interesting and exciting things for our customers to use to create unique projects.

We are a proactive user of social media to communicate with our customers and have over 18,000 likes on Facebook. The links to our social media channels are on the top right of every page and we would love to stay in contact by you linking with them.

We have sold to countries all around the world from Chile to France, Russia to Australia - if you want references, just ask!

Finally, we know you want to ask…why the name?!

Well, when the kids can’t think of a word we always go… “Elephant? Gazelle? Giraffe?”, so elephants hold a special place in our hearts. No idea why it is in a handbag, though. Mind you, now you mention it, my handbag is a little on the heavy side…!

If you want to get hold of us, please call

UK 01580 754549 / International +44 15 80 75 45 49

Or e-mail


By the way, we are now all official, being a “Ltd” company and VAT registered. Scary. Anyway, we are “Elephant in my Handbag Ltd” and our VAT number is 162 2014 56. But just ‘cos we’re all grown up and stuff, you’ll still be our friends. Won’t you? Please!

How to Order

You can order online using the website using the Checkout button in the Shopping Bag in the top left of every page.

Alternatively, you can order by telephone.

Just call us on UK 01580 754549 / International +44 15 80 75 45 49.

International Ordering

We have happy customers across the globe, with loyal customers in places as far apart as Australia, Peru, Malta, Portugal and Norway.

Shipping to your location is automatically calculated from your shipping address and package weight, but if you have any special requirements, please call or email us.

Payment Information

Don’t ask us why, but for some reason the payment processors make life very confusing sometimes in the payment option screens.

Just to reassure you, you can pay by Credit or Debit card through both the “PayPal” option and the “Credit Card” option on the payment options screen.

You don’t need a PayPal account - just click on the “I don’t have a PayPal account” text below the login box and you can simply go and pay in there without registering.

If you do have a PayPal account and would rather we sent you an invoice directly, rather than going through the automated payment screens, just choose “Pay By Phone” and give us a call on UK 01580 754549 / International +44 15 80 75 45 49

Or e-mail

Stephanie @ elephantinmyhandbag.com

By the way, we are a “Ltd” company and VAT registered. We are “Elephant in my Handbag Ltd” and our VAT number is 162 2014 56. That means that, if you are VAT registered too, everything’s even cheaper!

Security & Data Protection

We take information security very seriously. Our e-commerce provider is ECWID.com, and they have extensive security to protect your name, addresses and order history. They serve over 600,000 web businesses worldwide, with 175 countries served and 45 languages used. Their security information is available here.

Our payments are processed by PayPal. We don’t hold any credit/debit card information ourselves. Their security page is here.


Can I combine postage on multiple product orders?

Our postage is calculated on the optimum balance of fixed cost and weight, so you don’t need to do anything. If you have any special requirements, want special delivery or courier services, let us know. We promise we’re very approachable!

Is the package insured?

Yes - we will always either replace or refund any lost items - it doesn’t happen often, thankfully!

Do you have a physical shop?

Sort of. We are based in Hawkhurst in Kent, UK. You can come and have a look by appointment.

How do I use offer and competition codes?

Simply put the offer or competition code into the relevant box in the checkout and the discount will be applied. Only one code can be used per order and offers and competitions cannot be used in conjunction with each other. If you are using a voucher or competition code with a cash value, you can order more than the face value amount and pay the rest at checkout.

Elephant in my Handbag Ltd - Company No. 08460655 - VAT No. 1622014 56

Old Highgate House, Rye Road, Hawkhurst, Kent, United Kingdom TN18 4EY

01580 754549 / stephanie@elephantinmyhandbag.com